Monthly archives: July, 2016

Famous Persons Tracking

Today, all of us have cell phones. Celebrities do have cell phones, and they are more prone to hacking. In this article, we will talk about famous persons who got their phones hacked. And of course, this caused a lot of embarrassment for them. Below is a list of several celebrities who got their cell …

The Growing Trend of Cell phone Tracking

Cell phone tracking is the rage nowadays. Parents are keeping tabs on their children, employers are checking the employees’ whereabouts. Girlfriends are checking the movements of their cheating boyfriends. A number of methods are available for tracking mobile software, GPS chip etc. New phones are equipped with LBS or location based services so many things …

Track A Cell Phone

If you have lost your cell phone and want to locate it using GPS, there are a few ways to do so. Also if you want to use a cell phone tracker to track someone´s phone. We hope you found the location of the persons cell phone you where tracking by GPS.