The Growing Trend of Cell phone Tracking

Cell phone tracking is the rage nowadays. Parents are keeping tabs on their children, employers are checking the employees’ whereabouts. Girlfriends are checking the movements of their cheating boyfriends. A number of methods are available for tracking mobile software, GPS chip etc. New phones are equipped with LBS or location based services so many things are coming up in the market regarding tracking.
A number of controversies are circulating around this whole tracking business and the concept of it. People feel invaded of their privacy and it has resulted in some severe consequences.
Stalkers can really harm people through tracking and it is getting quite common nowadays. So this tracking is really a good thing or bad thing?

Let’s go over few plus points first:
• Through tracking apps and software, you can keep a check on your children especially when you are a working parent. You can know about your kid’s whereabouts and activities.

• In case you believe that your spouse is cheating on you, through tracking you can know for sure. Sitting at home, you can know the whereabouts of your spouse, and see if they have been lying to you or not. You can know about all the received and sent messages and calls too.

• At the time of emergency, tracking and GPS can really help as it allows you to confirm your nearest location so that help can be reached to you.

• You can easily find your phone if you have lost or misplaced it with the help of GPS phone tracker.

GPS tracker and all other tracking devices are helpful in many case so it is wise to have a tracker in your phone.

Now let’s go over some of the draw backs.

• Cell phone tracking is illegal. You need to intimate the other party that you are tracking him/her. Otherwise it results in legal action.

• When cellphone is switched off, it cannot be tracked and kidnappers are aware of this. And they tend to turn it off or simply hide the option.

• When you are on a trip and check-in to some spot, stalkers or robbers can avail this opportunity to rob the house.

Although cellphones are a great technology and have simplified our lives in many ways, invasion of a person’s privacy is the greatest downside of this tracking technology. And has a lot of limitations to it.
You may be doing a mistake by using a cell phone tracker if you use it just for fun. It might hurt someone or ruin his or her relationship with you. But doing for the right things like your children’s safety, track of your employees which are totally your right is completely alright as tracking comes as a great help in such matters.
Excess of anything is bad if tracking is used for legal and right purposes than it is not a bad thing.

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