Hidden Spy Features In Your Cell Phone Keep Track Of Your Every Move

Today, almost everyone is carrying a mobile phone and almost 60% people of the mobile using population are relying greatly on their smartphones to complete their daily tasks both personally and professionally. Right from reading newspaper, to surfing the internet, checking their social media accounts, making grocery lists, finishing presentations, listening to music, watching movies/TV shows, making documents, anything and everything has become extremely dependent on the smartphones.

While utility wise they seem like a blessing in disguise for people who are constantly on the go, they also come with some not so friendly features that leave you vulnerable in the society. Many of you might not be aware of the fact that there are several hidden spy features in cell phones that track your every move and keep a record of your daily routine, while you keep on enjoying the facility it provides at your ease.
The frequent locations is one of the hidden spy features in your cell phone that is confined deep inside the maze of settings in your latest mobile device and it works with the help of the GPS tracker, which comes enabled in almost all the smartphones these days. It tracks date, time, location and even how long you have stayed at a particular location and stores the information in its database. This hidden frequent location tracker even knows where you stay and work, which it identifies on the basis of your time and trips to that location.
Those who came to know of this at first found it to be very scary, but this Pandora’s Box feature is loved by the police, authorities and security experts and it allows them to navigate the location of criminals even without knowing them.
Some officers even admitted using this feature of obtaining information from phone to establish who is innocent and who is guilty. While all the smartphone makers pledge to not share your private information without your consent, they also admitted that they use this feature to provide their customers personalized services like predictive traffic routing.
Consumers are always given an option to run off the location service of their device and they can also willing opt for it by saying they consent to the terms and conditions of using this feature. Sometimes, this feature also acts as a great measure for divorce lawyers to look into the love life of their clients.
Also, there are many cases like child custody and divorce alimony, where hidden spy features of your cell phone have been used as a n information tool to get judgment.

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