Phone Tracking Aftermath – Your Girlfriend is Cheating! What To Do Now?

So the worst of your fears have come true and you have found that your girlfriend is cheating on you. You might have been speculating her actions for a while now, but now it’s confirmed that she is two timing and is involved in a relationship with someone else.
Though you are pretty sure about this, but you just cannot shout this out to everyone without evidence. Of course you cannot put a question mark on someone’s loyalty without a proof, but what to do when you are sure of infidelity and want to get rid of the relationship by bringing the reality in front of everybody? Well there ways like hiring a detective or asking someone who is common to you both to keep a close eye on her and collect evidences of her infidelity on your behalf, but it would be great if you can do it on your own.

Though we suggest that the measures we are going to tell here should ideally be used when you start speculating your partner’s actions to identify whether what you are thinking is true or not, but, nevertheless, there is never too late to bring the truth in the light.
Surely, your spouse must be carrying a latest smartphone, which stays with her almost every second throughout the day. Remember, a cell phone plays a key role in identifying whether your partner is cheating on you or not as it is the closest personal thing they keep along that contains all their personal information, call logs, pictures, voice messages, text messages, social media, etc.
You can check their phone for evidence but that will surely not give you any strong proof as cheaters are smart enough to delete such data before it goes in wrong hands. So what’s next? Why not make optimum use of several advanced features that a cell phone comes with, like its GPS navigation system. We all know that cell phone these days act as a handy map and path finder for us to get to the places, but do you know that it can also help you in other scenarios as well, like catching a cheating spouse.
Here are the benefits of having GPS enabled mobile phone:
1. Real time tracking of the phone owners’ location using their GPS satellite signals.
2. 2. You can get access to their frequent locations, time spent there and the days on which they went at that place.
3. If you are not using GPS of phone tracking then also it helps in ensuring safety of your loved ones by keeping you informed of their location.
4. If you are going on a long drive without any knowledge of route, GPS can help in finding the right route, thus saving fuel cost.

While these are the basic features that you get with a GPS enabled device, you can double its effect by installing a phone tracking software or app in your spouse’s mobile. Don’t worry these apps and software are safe and become invisible after installation.
Some of the ways in which you can collect evidence against cheating spouse using GPS tracking apps are:
Real Time Tracking: Once you will successfully manage to install the app or software of your cheating girlfriend’s mobile, integrate it with your own device and you will be able to track their real time location with date and time stamp. You can keep record of their whereabouts and use them as evidence to confront them.
Monitoring of Text Messages and Social Media: Written evidence is the best form of evidence you can ever give and same goes for having someone’s messages and social media chats available with you as a live example of their cheating. A tracking app maintains records of all the incoming and outgoing text messages of the mobile you have integrated with the app and stores a copy of them on your device’s app cloud as a backup.
Access To Their Multimedia Files: Some apps and software are so advanced that you can even make copies of your girlfriends pictures, videos, voice mails, etc. received on her mobile without even knowing her. This will let you know what kind of information is being shared with the other person in her life and how far they have gone in their relationship.
Check Their Browser History: If you wish to keep a tab on all their activities then there is nothing better than having the log of their internet browsing history, which you can get access to through a tracking app.
Get Their Call Logs: Because it was the most basic one, so kept it for last. Surely a mobile tracking app will give you complete access to your girlfriends’ call logs, right from incoming, outing, missed calls along with call duration and their stamp for your reference.
An easy to browse through and save for later use evidence file can easily be made using all these advanced features of a cell phone tracking app you will install on your girlfriend’s mobile to catch her red handed with all her wrong doings. While they are good for finding evidences, you may also find the other side of the story which you have not even thought of while going through such private information.
Even if tracking someone’s cell phone without their knowledge is illegal, there are always exceptions for correct motives and if it’s not done with the intention of harming anyone. Even police and court of law deem such evidences true in case of cheating spouses and criminals and take necessary actions on their basis.
Remember, you have invested yourself so much in the relationship and you have been loyal to them all through this time, you have all the right to know the truth and question them for their actions. So, make use of technology and don’t allow others to take benefit of you.

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