Worst Mobile Phone Tracking Alternatives

Your Mobile Phone is definitely your new best friend in this tech-savvy era. As you spend more time on your phone than with your family or friends, so you can’t imagine living without it. What’s the worst thing that can happen to your mobile phone? Losing your phone is definitely something you would want to experience even in your worst nightmares. It can be stolen or mistakenly lost but in both cases, you feel like a part of you is missing because you spend most of the day with your phone playing games or using the internet. However, thanks to smartphones you have a number of applications that can help in tracking your lost mobile phone. These applications are alternatives to the existing mobile tracking software that can be installed in android and is built-in in IOS. However, if in any case the software doesn’t work you can install a workable alternative but beware of the time-consuming and memory-occupying failed to track alternatives. These alternatives are nothing more than an unnecessary burden for your storage space as they are totally ineffective. Here are some of the worst mobile phone tracking alternatives:
• Plan B
Plan B is one of those websites that claims to activate features to locate your phone even in the most remote and backward areas. However, it is simply wastage of your time and your storage space. It definitely does not work on your phone if you have android versions of ice-cream sandwich or jellybean. It won’t be safe to suggest this application even for an older android version like gingerbread or froyo because not even a single feature of this mobile phone tracking alternative worked on most of the phones.

• Prey
It is always good to read the reviews of an application before installing it so that you know whether you should go for it o not. Prey has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 but its latest reviews show really negative comments including certain bugs or inability to uninstall the application. The worst part about it is that once you have downloaded it, still you can’t access the account if you have a newer version of android. Wonder whether android versions have updated faster or the applications like staying outdated.
• Where’s My Droid
Another application that makes it to the list of worst mobile phone tracking alternatives is Wheres My Droid which takes your Jelly Bean and Ice-cream sandwich phones to the old days of gingerbread. This is because of the old-looking and simple interface but once you connect it to the web, then you will be able to use this interface from the web. It can help track multiple phones and send several commands to your phone through it. These commands include: ringing your phone, getting phone stations and getting GPS coordinates of your phone. However, most of these commands fail if you have a newer version of android showing these applications need to be updated as soon as possible in order to keep pace with technology.

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