Can I use phone tracking when I want to find my dog?

If you read up on animal shelters, you will come to know that thousands of animals from across the country enter these shelters. About half of these animals are lost pets. The managers of the shelters cannot find out who the owner of a pet is or where the pet is from. Now, the question how can you get your dog back if it gets lost? This is quite easy in the here and now. You can use phone hacking technology in order to position your pet dog. How is it possible? Read on to find out.

Three methods can be used in order to locate a lost pet. You can attach a plastic or mental tag to the collar of your pet. The name of your pet along with home address should be written on the tag. It is better if you write your phone number with other details. This way if your dog gets lost, the person who finds it can inform you so you can go and get it back home.

Another solution is to use a microchip. These chips don’t cost a lot of money, and can be implanted under the skin of a pet. The chip contains information about the owner of the pet. This chip can be scanned with a special wand by a vet. The vet can contact the pet’s owner once he has finished scanning the chip.

The third and most common solution is known as pet GPS tracking. All you need to do is attach a GPS tracker to the collar of your dog, and you will be able to position your dog remotely, any time. Pet tracking devices cost a bit more than the micro chips.

Although there is a lot of nesters out there looking for lost pets, and couples are tending to raise pets prior to committing to the big responsible of taking care of kids. Therefore, they are trying their level best to take due care of their four-legged pets. so, people nowadays are ready to spend more to raise their pets.

GPS tracking devices not only cost more than micro ships, they come off with the collars. Moreover, some tracking devices don’t work in areas where Internet or cell phone service is not available. If the owner of the pen decides to move to another location, the chip won’t have information about the new location. As a result, it will be harder and more time consuming to track down the family of the pet.

The advantage of the GPS tracking device, however, is that they are much more useful than tags and microchips. The American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR) helps reduce the number of lost pets in the USA. This prevent animal shelters from getting overcrowded.

Just like common pet owners, hunters nowadays also make use of tracking systems in order to keep tabs on the location of their dogs in woods or fields. The great thing about tracking systems is that they use 20 or more satellites in order to track the location of a pet. However, if you are in an area where satellite connection is unavailable, you should give a go to GPS tracking systems or microchips.

You should take into account your needs before you go for a tracking equipment so as to protect your pet. If you have a smartphone, cell phone or a computer, you can monitor a GPS locator with ease.

Since every GPS tracker has a range limit, you should go for a tracking device with longer battery life. Apart from this, you may want to make certain the device can work in your area. The sign of a good tracking device is that it will work whether there is a wall, floor or other object between the device and your phone or computer.

Some GPS models let you know the history of your pet’s movement during the last one week, and let you develop visual safety areas for your dog. In addition, make sure the tracking device is not too heavy for your dog. If you own a small dog, make sure you go for a small device because small dogs can get injured if you force them to put on a heavy device.

As long as you have a GPS tracking system, you can locate your lost pet in all types of situations like a natural disaster or car accident. Below are a few advantages to buy a GPS tracking device:

  • With a GPS tracking device, you can easily figure out the current location of your pet.
  • You can track your pet down in any part of the world as long as you have a phone or Internet connection.
  • A microchip can be invasive, but a GPS device cannot be invasive.
  • With a tracking device, you don’t have to wait for your dog to be located and scanned. You will immediately know its location.

With a GPS phone tracking system, you can locate your pet within seconds. The system is proactive because you can control your dog’s location by creating geographical areas where the pet is allowed to walk around. You will get this information. As a matter of fact, you can locate your dog as soon as you suspect it is lot of stolen. So, you can get it back in a few minutes if it is not gone too far.

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