Legal Trouble If I Track a Cell Phone?

With smartphone technology bringing significant changes to our lives, there is no denying that we are slowly becoming slaves of it.
The technology these days has become so advanced that you can easily keep an eye on someone from the comfort of your home just by tracking the location of their mobile phone.

While GPS tracking and excessive use of cell phone tracking apps and software might seem like a tech-driven, amazing feature, but it comes with its own share of pros and cons. People who are involved in this kind of tracking for personal or professional use often neglect the legal aspect of infringing someone’s privacy without their knowledge.
Many people are unaware of the fact that every country and state that has active GPS tracking systems enabled and certain laws, rules and regulations pertaining to this crucial thing called phone tracking. No matter whether you are using a dedicated phone tracking software or working through a tracking app, the consequences of your action will remain same without any disparity.
Even if we see this in general terms, tracking someone’s mobile phone and their location without their permission is an illegal exercise and people should refrain from violating someone’s personal space by making this kind of misuse of technology. However, there are cases and instances where a person or an organizations’ actions behind tacking a person might fall under gray areas. For instance, someone tracking their suspicious spouse or tracking the moves of their own children through a mobile tracker for general safety might not fall under criminal or illegal category depending on the circumstances in which such action was taken.
In the US, cell phone tracking laws are different for every state and country; however, all these laws maintain a common stand of calling this kind of action illegal. Also, with the development in technology, even state legislatures and lower courts are bringing significant changes for expanding privacy protection laws for the Americans.
So, if you are found guilty of tracking someone using GPS technology without their knowledge and with no authority, the chances of you ending up in jail are quite high. You will also be charged with privacy protection laws, which may include imprisonment as well as fine. The person on whom you are performing tracking can also file a case against you under US privacy protection laws.
One thing which we can conclude for sure is that tracking a person’s whereabouts using technology, that too without their knowledge is certainly illegal, but tracking a stolen or lost device using the same technology is perfectly legal in all the countries.

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