How Apple find my Iphone Works?

How works?

Find My is from Apple. With the Find My you can keep track of all your devices, even AirTags that you’ve attached to your personal belongings. All your devices are shown on a map so you can see it clearly. You can also see the location of your friends and family, and if you like you can get notifications when your child or family member leaves and arrives. You can also play a sound from your device so you might find it if you or somebody else hears it. If your device is missing you can put it on lost mode and display a message on your screen so when someone finds it, you can let them know on the message how they can reach you. If you’re really worried you can also erase all data on that device and if you would get the device back, you can restore your data from iCloud backup. To prevent anyone from using or selling your device you can activate lock, with that you must use your apple id and password to erase or reactivate the device.

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