Benefits Of Driving With Your Phone As A GPS Locator

Global positioning satellite or GPS as we know it is a satellite based navigation system that is used for identifying the exact location and time anywhere and everywhere on earth. Anyone who has a GPS receiver enabled device can use this facility for free. Today, consumers are getting more and more reliant on GPS receivers and the high end navigation technology for driving around the town or going on a long road trips.

Earlier, standalone GPS devices were the only option viable for the consumers who wish to make use of this navigation technology. But, with the introduction of smartphones that come with built-in GPS receivers, not only standalone units have started losing their market share, but driving with your phone as a GPS locator has become much easier.
Let’s try to evaluate on some of the advantages of this technology before you head for your next big driving adventure with your phone as a GPS locator.
Convenience of one device: Though already stated above, this should not be ignored while going in detail. Smartphones are designed to be extremely handy and carrying them while driving as your GPS locator makes them your user friendly on-hand navigation tool. Any personal navigation device will definitely be bulkier and larger than your mobile phone and majority of them are intended to use in vehicles only, which means if by any chance you go on your foot you will be without any navigation support which certainly is not the case with your mobile as a navigation device.
Automatic Updates: Being an app based service for a mobile phone, the navigation system keeps on receiving free automatic updates, which means you will get latest maps and updated database in your phone without any effort. For a standalone GPS device you need to update the maps manually using internet connection and sometimes these updates are even chargeable on annual basis. Having an updated map and routes information with you is quite necessary especially when you are going on an unknown route, thus driving with your phone as a GPS locator is definitely a smart choice.
Easy To Navigate Exact Destination: With mobile phone based GPS locator you can easily enter your destination’s address and get your personal navigation device working without much hassle. You can also look up a contact in your list and then start navigating to their address without doing much of typing work. Also, finding an address through the smartphone internet search and sending it to GPS app is way easier then typing in the location on your standalone GPS device.
Low On Pocket: Someone who is already well acquainted with the working of the smartphone and can use available navigation apps like Google Maps can save a lot of money by not investing in a standalone GPS navigation device. There are only a handful of apps that charge nominal fee for use, but most of them are free, which means you don’t have to pay a single penny for using free GPS service. Also, some navigation apps also offer free and updated traffic data, thus allowing you to select shorter, traffic free route. This facility requires additional fee in any of the standalone GPS device.

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