How Can I Track my Children with GPS or Phone?

Raising well groomed and productive kids is no easy task for any parent. Even the smartest of parents who even have eyes on the back of their head find it difficult to cope with their kids who tend to find their own ways. Simply put, parenting is difficult to start with but with the advanced technology and a GPS enabled smartphone, a new set of digital rules can work well.

Well, this is a highly debatable topic as using a GPS to track kids raise trust issues. While some parents just want to be reassured about the safety of their children that they have reached the desired location safely, others just want to keep an eye silently. So it’s all about finding the balance. And that depends just on the family of the kids.
If you have already made the decision of tracking your kid’s smartphone, it would be prudent of you to tell him that you are tracking him. Don’t sneak behind the back to keep a look at him as that could hamper your relation with your child.
Choose to install an app on his phone that helps you keep a check on his activities including seeing his messages, texts as well as emails. All you need to do is install an app for monitoring the activities of your child in his phone and without meddling with his phone; you can trace his whereabouts without seconds. Realize the difference between spying and simply monitoring your kid for his own good. Tell your teen kids that these days online activities are all open and it doesn’t count in spying. It is just a preventive measure that you want to make use of to keep track of all the actions. In fact, you should have a cordial relation with your child and read all the messages together with him.
No doubt, raising digital kids is not going to be anywhere close to easy. As for tracking with mobile is concerned there are a lot of apps that can be trusted for loyal tracking. These include ‘Prey’, ‘Lookout’, ‘Avast Anti-Theft’, etc. As for the non-smartphone users, there is an app called ‘Accutracking’ that could be used for tracking children’s whereabouts. If you do not want to use phone tracker, there are many other gadgets that come with GPS tracker to help you track your children. Some of the popular gadgets are Amber Alert GPS, PocketFinder, and 5Star Urgent Response.
The biggest advantage of using GPS tracker is that you will get notified about the exact location where your child is. Some apps have features which let you know about the exact speed on which the child is driving a car and which place exactly he is. There are pros and cons of using all these apps for tracking your kids. While some might be expensive, others might inform parents about safe zones. All in all, there can be a lot of benefits of using these GPS trackers, but it would be way better, when it is mutually worked with the children.

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